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Clear Cedar No Knots Reinforced Sides. Use with Strap Hinges Insect Resistant Deep Dado Joints for Strength Clear Cedar No Knots

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Cedar Deck Gates by Gates2U

Get the deck gate that fits exactly! You pick the height and width and slat spacing. Made in smooth SELECT clear cedar, no knots.

Lighter than PT lumber, easier to install with strap hinges. Each gate is 2 1/8" thick in the size you want.

Slats descend with dado joints into hand and footrail for added strength. Looks the same coming and going! Available in single and dual panel designs.

Ships in 10 days. Thousands of gates shipped since 2003. A+ rated by BBB.

Gates2U is a certified MD manufacturer serving the USA and Canada. All gates 100% built in Maryland.

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Where to Install Gates

Deck gates must hinge to a 4x4 post. You must be about to mount the base of a strap hinge to the post. You can NOT use butt hinges (two plates that touch when the gate is closed). Strap hinges prevent gate sag, and distribute the load across the handrail.

Get a big enough hinge. Buy strap hinges where there are at least 3 screws going into the handrail, and where the strap hinge spans at least 1/5th the width of the handrail (generally, an 8", 10" or 12" strap hinge).

Warning! Do not have gate swing over steps. If used at top of stairs, gate should swing into the upper landing, only.

Want it to close by itself? Buy a gate spring for around $3 and affix it to the bottom of your gate. One end attaches to the post (under the gate) and the other attaches several inches out from the post on the bottom of the gate, somewhat stretched. After the gate is opened, the stretched spring will pull the gate shut. You can put a door stop (a strip of 1x1 lumber) on the other post, mounted vertically, to give the gate something to thump into!

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